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Research Agreements

NOTE: We highly recommend that scientists with an interest in working with the IGBB in any capacity register for a MyIGBB account. Registration is free, easy, and provides investigators with the most efficient and effective way of utilizing the IGBB.


The IGBB provides some standard services (fee-for-service) to MS State faculty, staff, and external scientists (see Service Center). However, most research is too complicated to be offered as a standard service. Such work can be performed by a trained IGBB staff member through a research agreement. 

Guns for Hire

IGBB Research Associates (RAs) can be hired to conduct specific research tasks. For example, let's say you need an expert in RNA isolation and cDNA sequencing to help you complete a portion of a research project. You could train a student or postdoc to become proficient in these research tasks, but you may not have the experience, time, or money to train an individual in RNA isolation and cDNA sequencing. Moreover, you may not have the instrumentation you need to do the research correctly. This is where the IGBB can help. Rather than training someone new, you can hire a highly skilled IGBB RA to perform the research for you. The savings in cost and time is tremendous. The process works like this:

To discuss a Research Agreement with an appropriate IGBB employee, please submit a MyIGBB HelpDesk ticket or contact us by phone or e-mail (see Contact).


NOTE: PIs are asked to consider whether the participation of an IGBB employee in a project merits that employee's inclusion as a co-author on a resulting manuscript(s). The decision ultimately lies with the PI. However, the IGBB encourages IGBB staff and faculty involved in Proposal Partnerships and Research Agreements to discuss/negotiate co-authorship with PIs before starting work on a project.