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Dr. Daniel Peterson is a member of the faculty of the Department of Plant & Soil Sciences at Mississippi State University.  He is also a member of the MS State Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Entomology & Plant Pathology graduate faculty.  In alternating fall semesters, Peterson teaches the graduate courses Genomes and Genomics and Topics In Genomics.

Genomes & Genomics

NOTE: Students enrolled in Genomes & Genomics can access class handouts, study tools, diagrams, their grades, test keys, etc., through MS State's MySTATE portal.

PSS/BCH 8653. Genomes and Genomics. (3) Three hours lecture. (Prerequisites: BCH 4113/6113 or BCH 4713/6713 or BCH 8643 or consent of instructor).  Overview of genome structure and evolution with emphasis on genomics, the use of molecular biology, robotics, and advanced computational methods to efficiently study genomes.

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Sir Richard Roberts, Nobel Laureate, addresses Peterson's 2008 Genomes & Genomics class

Topics in Genomics

CATALOG DESCRIPTION BCH 8631. Topics in Genomics. (1) 2 hours discussion and presentation.  (Prerequisites: PSS/BCH 8623 or BCH 4713/6713 or BCH 8643 or consent of instructor).  Review and discussion of classic and current genomics literature; individual presentation of a seminar highlighting an area of genomics research. (Same as PSS 8631).

NOTE: Students enrolled in Topics in Genomics can access class handouts, etc., through MS State's MySTATE portal.