Statistics & Trends

IGBB Expenditures, FY07-FY20
Figure 1. EXPENDITURES & OVERHEAD RECOVERY. As shown in the figure, total expenditures (green bars) for the IGBB in 2020 were slightly more than $2M ($2,184,811, to be exact). As shown by the blue line, indirect recovery decreased in 2020, ostensibly due to issues associated with the covid-19 pandemic. The highest points in indirect recovery (FY12 and FY14) were associated with successful NSF awards, and several NSF proposals are in progress by IGBB faculty and affiliates.

IGBB Salaries + Fringe & Employee Number, FY07-FY20
Figure 2. SALARIES + FRINGE AND EMPLOYEE NUMBER. The IGBB spent $1,094,546 on salary and fringe in FY20. Not including the director, 12.5 FTEs were employed as research associates or faculty.

IGBB Award Value & Number, FY12-FY20
Figure 3. TOTAL AWARD VALUE AND AWARD NUMBER. FY20 saw the IGBB obtain 14 awards (purple line) with a net total worth of $2.5 M.

Dollars from Paid Invoices & Number of Paying Users
Figure 4. NET VALUE OF PAID INVOICES AND NUMBER OF INDIVIDUALS PURCHASING IGBB SERVICES. Over the last five years, the IGBB performed an average of $189K in services through the IGBB Service Center. Based on the limited data, there appears to be a trend of alternating high and low spending years.

Departments and Institutes Utilizing the IGBB Service Center
Figure 5. DEPARTMENTAL & INSTITUTIONAL AFFILIATIONS OF PAYING SERVICE CENTER USERS. In each of the fiscal years shown, the largest number of paying Service Center users are from the CVM Department of Comparative Biomedical Sciences (CVMb) except for FY18 in which there was a tie between CVMb and Animal & Dairy Sciences (ADS). Other acronyms used in the figure are as follows: ABE = Ag & Biological Engineering; BMEP = Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Entomology & Plant Pathology; CHEM = Chemistry; CSE = Computer Science & Engineering; CVMc = CVM Clinical Sciences; CVMp = CVM Pathobiology & Population Medicine; EXT = Extension Service; FNH = Food Science, Nutrition & Health Promotion; IGBB = Institute for Genomics, Biocomputing & Biotechnology; PO = Poultry Science; PSS = Plant & Soil Sciences; SBP = Sustainable Bioproducts; WFA = Wildlife, Fisheries & Aquaculture; OMI = other Mississippi institutions; USDA = U.S. Department of Agriculture; DOD = Department of Defense; FCU = foreign colleges & universities.

IGBB Publication & Impact Factors, FY03-FY20
Figure 6. PUBLICATIONS AND JOURNAL IMPACT INDEX. One-hundred-fifty-seven peer-reviewed papers were published by IGBB faculty, research associates, and affiliates in FY20. This is the highest number of publications for any year for the IGBB (2011-present) and its predecessor, the Life Sciences & Biotechnology Institute (2003-2010). The mean SCOPUS journal impact index for FY20 was 3.74.

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