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Serino G, Su H, Peng Z, Tsuge T, Wei N, Deng XW (2003) Characterization of the last subunit of the arabidopsis COP9 signalosome: Implications for the overall structure and origin of the complex. Plant Cell 15(3): 719-731.

JOURNAL IMPACT INDEX: 9.901 • DOI10.1105/tpc.009092 • PMID12615944 • SCOPUS ID (EID)2-s2.0-0242515762 • SCOPUS CITATION COUNT: 47

Peterson DG, Wessler SR, Paterson AH (2002) Efficient capture of unique sequences from eukaryotic genomes. Trends in Genetics 18(11): 547-550.

JOURNAL IMPACT INDEX: 7.986 • DOI10.1016/S0168-9525(02)02764-6 • PMID12414178 • SCOPUS ID (EID)2-s2.0-0036843242 • SCOPUS CITATION COUNT: 58

Pechan T, Cohen A, Williams WP, Luthe DS (2002) Insect feeding mobilizes a unique plant defense protease that disrupts the peritrophic matrix of caterpillars. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 99(20): 13319-13323.

JOURNAL IMPACT INDEX: 10.962 • DOI10.1073/pnas.202224899 • PMID12235370 • SCOPUS ID (EID)2-s2.0-0036790854 • SCOPUS CITATION COUNT: 159

Burnham MR, Branton SL, Peebles ED, Lott BD, Gerard PD (2002) Effects of F-strain Mycoplasma gallisepticum inoculation at twelve weeks of age on performance and egg characteristics of commercial egg-laying hens. Poultry Science 81(10): 1478-1485.

JOURNAL IMPACT INDEX: 1.042 • DOI10.1093/ps/81.10.1478 • PMID12412912 • SCOPUS ID (EID)2-s2.0-0036780411 • SCOPUS CITATION COUNT: 47

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