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Salomaki ED, Eme L, Brown MW, Kolisko M (2020) Releasing uncurated datasets is essential for reproducible phylogenomics. Nature Ecology and Evolution 4(11): 1435-1437.

JOURNAL IMPACT INDEX: 11.352 • DOI10.1038/s41559-020-01296-w • PMID32884150 • SCOPUS ID (EID)2-s2.0-85090152222 • SCOPUS CITATION COUNT: 2

Franca LX, Dodds DM, Reynolds DB, Bond JA, Mills A, Catchot AL, Peterson DG (2020) Influence of flooding period and seed burial depth on Palmer amaranth (Amaranthus palmeri) seed germination. Pest Management Science 76(11): 3832-3837.

JOURNAL IMPACT INDEX: 3.806 • DOI10.1002/ps.5934 • PMID32472730 • SCOPUS ID (EID)2-s2.0-85087639270 • SCOPUS CITATION COUNT: 1

Reeder N, Tapanee P, Persell A, Tolar-Peterson T (2020) Food insecurity, depression, and race: Correlations observed among college students at a university in the Southeastern United States. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 17(21): 1-11.

JOURNAL IMPACT INDEX: 3.18 • DOI10.3390/ijerph17218268 • PMID33182386 • SCOPUS ID (EID)2-s2.0-85095831028 • SCOPUS CITATION COUNT: 1

Zeng H, Hamlin SK, Safratowich BD, Cheng W-H, Johnson LK (2020) Superior inhibitory efficacy of butyrate over propionate and acetate against human colon cancer cell proliferation via cell cycle arrest and apoptosis: linking dietary fiber to cancer prevention. Nutrition Research 83: 63-72.

JOURNAL IMPACT INDEX: 2.866 • DOI10.1016/j.nutres.2020.08.009 • PMID33017771 • SCOPUS ID (EID)2-s2.0-85092031552 • SCOPUS CITATION COUNT: 5

Walker PJ, Siddell SG, Lefkowitz EJ, Mushegian AR, Adriaenssens EM, Dempsey DM, Dutilh BE, Harrach B, Harrison RL, Hendrickson RC, Junglen S, Knowles NJ, Kropinski AM, Krupovic M, Kuhn JH, Nibert M, Orton RJ, Rubino L, Sabanadzovic S, Simmonds P, Smith DB, Varsani A, Zerbini FM, Davison AJ (2020) Changes to virus taxonomy and the Statutes ratified by the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (2020). Archives of Virology 165(11): 2737-2748.

JOURNAL IMPACT INDEX: 2.283 • DOI10.1007/s00705-020-04752-x • PMID32816125 • SCOPUS ID (EID)2-s2.0-85090302624 • SCOPUS CITATION COUNT: 50

Maafi N, Entsminger ED, Ingram-Jr LL, Nikolic DJ (2020) Assessment of volatile metabolites for in situ detection of fungal decay in wooden structures. Building and Environment 183: 107140.

JOURNAL IMPACT INDEX: 5.847 • DOI10.1016/j.buildenv.2020.107140 • SCOPUS ID (EID)2-s2.0-85089726038 • SCOPUS CITATION COUNT: 0

Cheng W-H (2020) Placental telomere length: Linking maternal nutrition to transgenerational healthy aging?. Journal of Nutrition 150(10): 2619-2620.

JOURNAL IMPACT INDEX: 4.464 • DOI10.1093/jn/nxaa277 • PMID32939537 • SCOPUS ID (EID)2-s2.0-85092943924 • SCOPUS CITATION COUNT: 0

Cobb LH, McCabe EM, Priddy LB (2020) Therapeutics and delivery vehicles for local treatment of osteomyelitis. Journal of Orthopaedic Research 38(10): 2091-2103.

JOURNAL IMPACT INDEX: 2.86 • DOI10.1002/jor.24689 • PMID32285973 • SCOPUS ID (EID)2-s2.0-85083672640 • SCOPUS CITATION COUNT: 9

Fountain JC, Clevenger JP, Nadon B, Youngblood RC, Korani W, Chang P-K, Starr D, Wang H, Isett B, Richard Johnston H, Wiggins R, Agarwal G, Chu Y, Kemerait RC, Pandey MK, Bhatnagar D, Ozias-Akins P, Varshney RK, Scheffler BE, Vaughn JN, Guo B (2020) Two new aspergillus flavus reference genomes reveal a large insertion potentially contributing to isolate stress tolerance and aflatoxin production. G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics 10(10): 3515-3531.

JOURNAL IMPACT INDEX: 2.797 • DOI10.1534/g3.120.401405 • PMID32817124 • SCOPUS ID (EID)2-s2.0-85091875426 • SCOPUS CITATION COUNT: 2

Telmadarrehei T, Tang JD, Raji O, Rezazadeh A, Narayanan L, Shmulsky R, Jeremic D (2020) A study of the gut bacterial community of reticulitermes virginicus exposed to Chitosan treatment. Insects 11(10): 1-17.

JOURNAL IMPACT INDEX: 2.327 • DOI10.3390/insects11100681 • SCOPUS ID (EID)2-s2.0-85092479638 • SCOPUS CITATION COUNT: 1

Fancher CA, Zhang L, Kiess AS, Adhikari PA, Dinh TTN, Sukumaran AT (2020) Avian pathogenic Escherichia coli and clostridium perfringens: Challenges in no antibiotics ever broiler production and potential solutions. Microorganisms 8(10): 1-27.

JOURNAL IMPACT INDEXδ • DOI10.3390/microorganisms8101533 • SCOPUS ID (EID)2-s2.0-85092227800 • SCOPUS CITATION COUNT: 11

Zhang X, Zhai W, Li S, Suman SP, Chen J, Zhu H, Antonelo DS, Schilling MW (2020) Early postmortem proteome changes in normal and woody broiler breast muscles. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 68(39): 11000-11010.

JOURNAL IMPACT INDEX: 4.37 • DOI10.1021/acs.jafc.0c03200 • PMID32786856 • SCOPUS ID (EID)2-s2.0-85092332247 • SCOPUS CITATION COUNT: 2

Liu S, Zhong H, Meng X, Sun T, Li Y, Pinson SRM, Chang SKC, Peng Z (2020) Genome-wide association studies of ionomic and agronomic traits in USDA mini core collection of rice and comparative analyses of different mapping methods. BMC Plant Biology 20(1): 441.

JOURNAL IMPACT INDEX: 3.695 • DOI10.1186/s12870-020-02603-0 • PMID32972357 • SCOPUS ID (EID)2-s2.0-85091622759 • SCOPUS CITATION COUNT: 8

Ayoola MB, Nakamya MF, Shack LA, Park S, Lim J, Lee JH, Ross MK, Eoh H, Nanduri B (2020) SP_0916 Is an Arginine Decarboxylase That Catalyzes the Synthesis of Agmatine, Which Is Critical for Capsule Biosynthesis in Streptococcus pneumoniae. Frontiers in Microbiology 11: 578533.

JOURNAL IMPACT INDEX: 4.443 • DOI10.3389/fmicb.2020.578533 • SCOPUS ID (EID)2-s2.0-85091918241 • SCOPUS CITATION COUNT: 1

Vrieling M, Tuffs SW, Yebra G, van Smoorenburg MY, Alves J, Pickering AC, Park JY, Park N, Heinrichs DE, Benedictus L, Connelley T, Seo KS, McCormick JK, Fitzgerald JR (2020) Population analysis of staphylococcus aureus reveals a cryptic, highly prevalent superantigen selw that contributes to the pathogenesis of bacteremia. mBio 11(5): e02082-20.

JOURNAL IMPACT INDEX: 6.63 • DOI10.1128/mBio.02082-20 • PMID33109757 • SCOPUS ID (EID)2-s2.0-85094808314 • SCOPUS CITATION COUNT: 1

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