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Walker PJ, Siddell SG, Lefkowitz EJ, Mushegian AR, Adriaenssens EM, Alfenas-Zerbini P, Davison AJ, Dempsey DM, Dutilh BE, Garcia ML, Harrach B, Harrison RL, Hendrickson RC, Junglen S, Knowles NJ, Krupovic M, Kuhn JH, Lambert AJ, Lobocka M, Nibert ML, Oksanen HM, Orton RJ, Robertson DL, Rubino L, Sabanadzovic S, Simmonds P, Smith DB, Suzuki N, Van Dooerslaer K, Vandamme A-M, Varsani A, Zerbini FM (2021) Changes to virus taxonomy and to the International Code of Virus Classification and Nomenclature ratified by the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (2021). Archives of Virology 166(9): 2633-2648.

CiteScore: n/a • DOI10.1007/s00705-021-05156-1 • PMID34231026 • SCOPUS ID2-s2.0-85109421807 • SCOPUS CITATION COUNT: 107

Sayed M, Ozdemir O, Essa M, Olivier A, Karsi A, Lawrence ML, Abdelhamed H (2021) Virulence and live vaccine potential of Edwardsiella piscicida phoP and phoQ mutants in catfish against edwardsiellosis. Journal of Fish Diseases 44(9): 1463-1474.

CiteScore: n/a • DOI10.1111/jfd.13453 • PMID34037985 • SCOPUS ID2-s2.0-85106439012 • SCOPUS CITATION COUNT: 1

Vines PL, Hoffmann FG, Meyer F, Allen TW, Tomaso-Peterson M (2021) Gaeumannomyces nanograminis, sp. nov., a hyphopodiate fungus identified from diseased roots of ultradwarf bermudagrass in the United States. Mycologia 113(5): 938-948.

CiteScore: n/a • DOI10.1080/00275514.2021.1911192 • PMID34133260 • SCOPUS ID2-s2.0-85107993622 • SCOPUS CITATION COUNT: 0

FD Martini L, Roma-Burgos N, Tseng T-M, V Fipke M, A Noldin J, A de Avila L (2021) Acclimation to cold stress reduces injury from low temperature and bispyribac-sodium on rice. Pest Management Science 77(9): 4016-4025.

CiteScore: n/a • DOI10.1002/ps.6425 • PMID33896105 • SCOPUS ID2-s2.0-85105188503 • SCOPUS CITATION COUNT: 3

Tan Y, Chang SKC (2021) Protein extraction pH and cross-linking affect physicochemical and textural properties of protein gels made from channel catfish by-products. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 101(11): 4799-4807.

CiteScore: n/a • DOI10.1002/jsfa.11126 • PMID33502763 • SCOPUS ID2-s2.0-85101140281 • SCOPUS CITATION COUNT: 1

Zhong H, Liu S, Sun T, Kong W, Deng X, Peng Z, Li Y (2021) Multi-locus genome-wide association studies for five yield-related traits in rice. BMC Plant Biology 21(1): 364.

CiteScore: n/a • DOI10.1186/s12870-021-03146-8 • PMID34376143 • SCOPUS ID2-s2.0-85112316912 • SCOPUS CITATION COUNT: 5

Manu N, Schilling MW, Phillips TW (2021) Natural and synthetic repellents for pest management of the storage mite tyrophagus putrescentiae (Schrank) (sarcoptiformes: Acaridae). Insects 12(8): 711.

CiteScore: n/a • DOI10.3390/insects12080711 • PMID34442277 • SCOPUS ID2-s2.0-85112531047 • SCOPUS CITATION COUNT: 2

Tice AK, Zihala D, Panek T, Jones RE, Salomaki ED, Nenarokov S, Burki F, Elias M, Eme L, Roger AJ, Rokas A, Shen X-X, Strassert JFH, KolĂ­sko M, Brown MW (2021) PhyloFisher: A phylogenomic package for resolving eukaryotic relationships. PLoS Biology 19(8): e3001365.

CiteScore: n/a • DOI10.1371/journal.pbio.3001365 • PMID34358228 • SCOPUS ID2-s2.0-85112130434 • SCOPUS CITATION COUNT: 10

Tan Y, Tam CC, Rolston M, Alves P, Chen L, Meng S, Hong H, Chang SKC, Yokoyama W (2021) Quercetin ameliorates insulin resistance and restores gut microbiome in mice on high-fat diets. Antioxidants 10(8): 1251.

CiteScore: n/a • DOI10.3390/antiox10081251 • PMID34439499 • SCOPUS ID2-s2.0-85111721937 • SCOPUS CITATION COUNT: 16

Benova-Liszekova D, Mentelova L, Babisova K, Beno M, Pechan T, Chase BA, Farkas R (2021) An apocrine mechanism delivers a fully immunocompetent exocrine secretion. Scientific Reports 11(1): 15915.

CiteScore: n/a • DOI10.1038/s41598-021-95309-8 • PMID34354130 • SCOPUS ID2-s2.0-85111987241 • SCOPUS CITATION COUNT: 1

Kode D, Nannapaneni R, Chang S (2021) Low-level tolerance to antibiotic trimethoprim in qac-adapted subpopulations of listeria monocytogenes. Foods 10(8): 1800.

CiteScore: n/a • DOI10.3390/foods10081800 • PMID34441577 • SCOPUS ID2-s2.0-85112232027 • SCOPUS CITATION COUNT: 2

Shmulsky R, Franca FJN, Ratcliff JT, Farber B, Senalik CA, Ross RJ, Seale RD (2021) Compression properties of small clear southern yellow pine specimens tested across five decades. Forest Products Journal 71(3): 240-245.

CiteScore: n/a • DOI10.13073/FPJ-D-20-00039 • SCOPUS ID2-s2.0-85112415436 • SCOPUS CITATION COUNT: 2

Zhong H, Liu S, Zhao G, Zhang C, Peng Z, Wang Z, Yang J, Li Y (2021) Genetic Diversity Relationship Between Grain Quality and Appearance in Rice. Frontiers in Plant Science 12: 708996.

CiteScore: n/a • DOI10.3389/fpls.2021.708996 • PMID34408762 • SCOPUS ID2-s2.0-85112734627 • SCOPUS CITATION COUNT: 0

Fatemi SA, Elliott KEC, Bello A, Zhang H, Alqhtani A, Peebles ED (2021) Effects of the in ovo injection of vitamin D3 and 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 in Ross 708 broilers subsequently fed commercial or calcium and phosphorus-restricted diets. II. Immunity and small intestine morphology1,2,3. Poultry Science 100(8): 101240.

CiteScore: n/a • DOI10.1016/j.psj.2021.101240 • PMID34217906 • SCOPUS ID2-s2.0-85109450918 • SCOPUS CITATION COUNT: 6

Fatemi SA, Alqhtani A, Elliott KEC, Bello A, Zhang H, Peebles ED (2021) Effects of the in ovo injection of vitamin D3 and 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 in Ross 708 broilers subsequently fed commercial or calcium and phosphorus-restricted diets. I. Performance, carcass characteristics, and incidence of woody breast myopathy1,2,3. Poultry Science 100(8): 101220.

CiteScore: n/a • DOI10.1016/j.psj.2021.101220 • PMID34214750 • SCOPUS ID2-s2.0-85109429111 • SCOPUS CITATION COUNT: 9

Fancher CA, Thames HT, Colvin MG, Zhang L, Nuthalapati N, Kiess A, Dinh TTN, Sukumaran AT (2021) Research Note: Prevalence and molecular characteristics of Clostridium perfringens in "no antibiotics ever" broiler farms. Poultry Science 100(11): 101414.

CiteScore: n/a • DOI10.1016/j.psj.2021.101414 • PMID34534849 • SCOPUS ID2-s2.0-85114906495 • SCOPUS CITATION COUNT: 1

Mohammadi-Aragh MK, Stokes CE, Street JT, Linhoss JE (2021) Effects of loblolly pine biochar and wood vinegar on poultry litter nutrients and microbial abundance. Animals 11(8): 2209.

CiteScore: n/a • DOI10.3390/ani11082209 • PMID34438667 • SCOPUS ID2-s2.0-85111020065 • SCOPUS CITATION COUNT: 3

Kang S, Tice AK, Stairs CW, Jones RE, Lahr DJG, Brown MW (2021) The integrin-mediated adhesive complex in the ancestor of animals, fungi, and amoebae. Current Biology 31(14): 3073-3085.e3.

CiteScore: n/a • DOI10.1016/j.cub.2021.04.076 • PMID34077702 • SCOPUS ID2-s2.0-85111009759 • SCOPUS CITATION COUNT: 3

Kakar N, Bheemanahalli R, Jumaa S, Redona E, Warburton ML, Reddy KR (2021) Assessment of agro-morphological, physiological and yield traits diversity among tropical rice. PeerJ 9: e11752.

CiteScore: n/a • DOI10.7717/peerj.11752 • PMID34322324 • SCOPUS ID2-s2.0-85110506033 • SCOPUS CITATION COUNT: 3

Maroti Z, Tombacz D, Moldovan N, Torma G, Jefferson VA, Csabai Z, Gulyas G, Dormo A, Boldogkoi M, Kalmar T, Meyer F, Boldogkoi Z (2021) Time course profiling of host cell response to herpesvirus infection using nanopore and synthetic long-read transcriptome sequencing. Scientific Reports 11(1): 14219.

CiteScore: n/a • DOI10.1038/s41598-021-93142-7 • PMID34244540 • SCOPUS ID2-s2.0-85109738841 • SCOPUS CITATION COUNT: 1

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