Mass Spectrometry & Protein Identification

Raw MSMS data collection via nano-LC nano-ESI, LTQ-Orbitrap-Velos (Thermo)
Gradient hr

At least 2 ug of purified, detergent-free, protein digest is required per sample. The protein should be lyophilized or dissolved in an aqueous 2% v/v acetonitrile (HPLC grade), 0.1% v/v formic acid (HPLC grade) solution. The protein concentration of solutions must be at least 0.2 ug/ul. If column becomes clogged due to sample contaminants, the IGBB reserves the right to charge the customer all or part of the HPLC column replacement costs.

Raw MSMS data collection via direct injection, LTQ-Orbitrap-Velos (Thermo)

The analyte must be salt and detergent free and dissolved either in aqueous acetonitrile (2-100% v/v, HPLC grade) or aqueous methanol(2-100% v/v, HPLC grade). The concentration of the analyte solution should be in the femto-nano mol per microliter range, and the minimum volume of analyte solution should be 10 microliters.

Protein identification from MSMS raw files

Results will be exported to .xls files, and the original analysis files will be provided.

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