IGBB Service Center Catalog
  • IGBB Internal Users are defined as MS State staff/faculty/students & employees of federal/state agencies collaborating with the IGBB. All other IGBB users are deemed External Users.
  • An Internal User Cost for a service contains no overhead charges and can be directly used in preparation of grant proposals by MSU faculty/staff. However, any MSU faculty/staff member writing a proposal should obtain an official quote from an IGBB Research Lead prior to proposal submission.
  • Each External User Cost is the service's Internal User Cost plus a 45.5% overhead charge.
  • Only Internal User Prices are provided in the online-version of the IGBB Service Center Catalog (see table below).
  • Both Internal User Costs and External User Costs are found in the downloadable PDF Version of the IGBB Service Center Catalog.


Tissue Homogenization & Protein Purification
Gel-Based Protein Isolation, Labeling & Imaging
Mass Spectrometry & Protein Identification


Sanger (ABI3720xl) DNA Sequencing
Illumina Sequencing
Pacific Biosciences Library Prep & Sequencing
Oxford Nanopore Library Prep & Sequencing
Nucleic Acid Shearing, QPCR & Sequence Analysis


Biomolecule Quantification & Purity Analysis


Self Service

The IGBB is supported, in part, by the following units:

The IGBB is an HPC² member center.