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Helping You

NOTE: We highly recommend that scientists with an interest in working with the IGBB in any capacity register for a MyIGBB account. Registration is free, easy, and provides investigators with the most efficient and effective way of utilizing the IGBB.

Most investigators that wish to leverage the IGBB's knowledge (i.e., trained personnel), equipment, and/or infrastructure do so through one or more of the following routes.  Click the links below to learn more. 

Proposal Partnerships - Partnering with the IGBB has allowed numerous faculty members to overcome the scientific, technical, personnel, and organizational issues that may have prevented them from successfully obtaining extramural grant funding in the past. We can help you plan, write, and submit your grant proposals in a way that fully leverages the strengths of the IGBB without detracting from your research questions/expertise. Faculty in any department can submit a proposal through the IGBB (with or without an IGBB child account) or submit a proposal through their home department with an IGBB child account.

Research Agreements - Hire an IGBB expert! Most research includes development of new/improved techniques, complex and/or risky procedures, and considerable intellectual investment/problem solving. Trying to figure out how to do new genomics, proteomics, and/or computational biology experiments or training a student or postdoc to conduct this work for you may be very expensive and frustrating. Considerable time and resources can be saved by hiring a highly-skilled IGBB research associate(s) to help you with the genomics, proteomics, and/or computational biology research.

Service Center - Have the IGBB do standard low-risk proteomics, genomics, and computational tasks for you on a fee-per-service basis. Use our convenient Standard Services Catalog to learn about the standard services we perform & obtain pricing information. Requests for services can be placed using the MyIGBB HelpDesk. Included in the Standard Services Catalog are prices for IGBB equipment use by trained scientists not directly employed by the IGBB.