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Proposal Partnerships

NOTE: We highly recommend that scientists with an interest in working with the IGBB in any capacity register for a MyIGBB account. Registration is free, easy, and provides investigators with the most efficient and effective way of utilizing the IGBB.

Partnering with the IGBB has allowed numerous faculty members to overcome the scientific, technical, personnel, and organizational issues that may have prevented them from successfully obtaining extramural grant funding in the past.   Leveraging the IGBB's highly trained personnel, cutting-edge scientific equipment, supercomputing and bioinformatics capabilities/expertise, and history of excellence in publishing and grantsmanship can give your proposal(s) the edge it needs to set it apart. The advantages of submitting grants through the IGBB, or in association with the IGBB, are numerous and include the following:

Contact Ms. Kelsey Stewart for details.

Those individuals who have proposals funded with the IGBB serving as submitting organization receive full "internal access" to the HPC² supercomputers, HPC² computer support, and accounting/grant management help from the HPC² Business Office.

NOTE: PIs are asked to consider whether the participation of an IGBB employee in a project merits that employee's inclusion as a co-author on a resulting manuscript(s). The decision ultimately lies with the PI. However, the IGBB encourages IGBB staff and faculty involved in Proposal Partnerships and Research Agreements to discuss/negotiate co-authorship with PIs before starting work on a project.