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NOTE: We highly recommend that scientists with an interest in working with the IGBB in any capacity register for a MyIGBB account. Registration is free, easy, and provides investigators with the most efficient and effective way of utilizing the IGBB.

Services Provided by IGBB Staff

In addition to its role as an independent research institute, the IGBB also functions as a multipurpose service center. Specifically, the IGBB provides a series of low-risk "standard" genomics, proteomics, and computational services to MS State scientists and external users. These IGBB Standard Services are performed on a fee-per-service basis. Standard service fees are designed to recover costs (i.e., not make a profit) and are all-inclusive (i.e., contain personnel, reagent, and other direct costs) unless noted otherwise. Indirect costs (45.5% of total direct costs) are charged to external (non-MS State) users, but not to MS State employees. The IGBB's standard services and internal and external user fees are provided through MyIGBB, a free web-based user interface and data tracking system. Standard services can be requested and inquiries about standard services can be made through MyIGBB.

Use of IGBB Equipment by Individuals Not Employed By the IGBB

If you wish, you can have your trained employees use select equipment at the IGBB Laboratories to advance your research program. "Self-Service Equipment Usage" can be requested through MyIGBB. Note that most instruments require training (see Standard Services Catalog in MyIGBB or price list link below) and may have usage fees to offset machine operation costs (e.g., wear and tear, reagent costs, and portion of service contract).

With a few exceptions, we recommend that scientists employ trained IGBB staff members to operate IGBB equipment.  This ensures high quality and prevents investigators from being liable for equipment damage.

A listing of IGBB Standard Services and their prices -- including information and prices for Training and Self-Service Equipment Usage -- is available in the Standard Services Catalog in MyIGBB and in PDF form via the link below.

NOTE: PIs are asked to consider whether the participation of an IGBB employee in a project merits that employee's inclusion as a co-author on a resulting manuscript(s). The decision ultimately lies with the PI. However, the IGBB encourages IGBB staff and faculty involved in Proposal Partnerships and Experts for Hire to discuss/negotiate co-authorship with PIs before starting work on a project.
Fellows & Affiliates Spotlight
Stephen B. Pruett
Dr. Stephen B. Pruett
CVM Comparative Biomedical Sciences
IGBB Affiliate
(662) 325-6653
Justin Thornton
Dr. Justin Thornton
Associate Professor
Biological Sciences
IGBB Affiliate
(662) 325-8020

Employee Spotlight

Marilda O'Bryant
Senior Accountant
(662) 325-6688
Portera 6

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