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The IGBB is a university-wide research institute serving Mississippi State University, its faculty, staff, and collaborators.  The IGBB director answers to both of the University's principal research administrators -- i.e., the Vice President for the Division of Agriculture, Forestry & Veterinary Medicine (DAFVM) and the Vice President for Research & Economic Development (ORED).  Part of the hard funding for the IGBB is provided by the Mississippi Agricultural & Forestry Experiment Station (MAFES) and the College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM), and thus the IGBB director also reports to the MAFES director and the CVM dean. All IGBB staff including current associate directors (if applicable), assistant research professors, research associates, and professional staff members answer either directly or indirectly to the IGBB director.

The IGBB is one of several member institutes comprising the University's High Performance Computing Collaboratory (HPC²).  The IGBB Director serves on the HPC Operations Board along with the other HPC² institute directors.

There are many faculty located in academic departments around campus that utilize and collaborate with the IGBB.  Of note, faculty that submit grant proposals through the IGBB are provided with special affiliate benefits including use of the HPC² supercomputers (see Proposal Partnerships).  In addition, the IGBB director can grant supercomputer access to those working on projects in association with the IGBB or those wishing to utilize the supercomputers to get preliminary data for preparation of a proposal to eventually be submitted through the IGBB.

Daniel G. Peterson
IGBB Director

Peer-Reviewed Publications