About MyIGBB

MyIGBB is a password-protected HelpDesk system replete with a detailed IGBB Standard Services Catalog. It is the preferred means by which investigators at MS State and elsewhere are encouraged to communicate (at least initially) with the IGBB and its staff. Utilizing MyIGBB helps ensure that your questions are channeled to the IGBB scientist/administrator that is best equipped to help you. It also is a quality control measure that is used by the IGBB administration to make sure that your questions are answered promptly and respectfully. Through MyIGBB you can make appointments with IGBB consultants, learn about IGBB services and obtain the most accurate pricing information, request quotes, check the status of your requests/orders, etc. Registration for MyIGBB is free and takes only a few seconds to complete.

In no instances will your e-mail address, contact information, comments, etc., be shared with third party sources without your express written permission.

A few advantages of having a MyIGBB account include:

  • Not having to re-enter your name, e-mail, etc., each time you submit a HelpDesk ticket;
  • The ability to browse the IGBB Standard Services Catalog and obtain the most up-to-date pricing information;
  • The means to request use of an IGBB conference room for a meeting/event;
  • Easy access to your communication threads (conversation history) with IGBB employees.

If you have a MyIGBB account, simply click the "log in" link in the lower right corner of the slide show on any IGBB webpage (or click here) and enter your userid and password. If you would like to establish a MyIGBB account, click on the register button below.

If you do not wish to register for a free MyIGBB account, you may still contact us with your questions (see Contact Us) or view a simple list of our standard services and their prices (click here). However, HelpDesk access, the most up-to-date catalog/pricing information, conference room reservation, and several other free services can only be accessed through MyIGBB.

Employee Spotlight

Dr. George V. Popescu

Assistant Research Professor
(662) 325-7369
Pace 118